What is Azure Cognitive Services?

Azure Cognitive Services

Today’s era of technology AI is being very much competitive and growing with the speed of light. We can find AI in almost every sector that works in Text, speech, vision, Search, knowledge based. Azure is providing solution to these and giving us their cognitive services in the form of API, SDK’s and services with help developers so that they can build intelligent system.

Following are  api’s for azure cognitive services:

Services for Vision API
Service NameService Description
Computer VisionThis service provides processing images and returns information
Custom Vision Service (Preview)Used for build custom images classifiers.
Content ModeratorUse for Monitoring risky, offensive and undesirable content.
Face APIUse for detection and recognition.
Video IndexerUse for getting insights from your video.
Services for Speech APIs
Service NameService Description
Speech Service (PreviewThis service adds speech-enabled features in the applications.
Bing Speech APIUsed for build speech enabled features.
Translator SpeechUse for Machine translation features.
Speaker Recognition API(Preview)Use for speaker dentification and verification.
Services for Language APIs
Service NameService Description
Bing Spell CheckThis service performs contextual grammar and spell checking
Language Understanding LUISLUIS allows application to understand what a person need his/her own words.
Text AnalyticsProvide NLP over raw text for sentiment analysis, key phrase extraction and language detection.
Translator TextUse for machine-based text translation in near real-time.
Services for Search APIs
Service NameService Description
Bing News SearchIt finds list of news articles determined to be relevant to the user's query.
Bing Video SearchIt finds list of videos determined to be relevant to the user's query
Bing Web SearchIt gives list of search results determined to be relevant to the user's query.
Bing Autosuggestsend a partial search query term to Bing and get back a list of suggested queries.
Bing Custom SearchIt creates tailored search experience for the query we searched
Bing Image SearchDisplay image according to user query
Bing Visual SearchIt returns related searches and similar images upon finding image.
Bing Local Business SearchFind contact and local business address based upon queries.
Services for Knowledge APIs
Service NameService Description
QnA MakerIt helps to build QA Service from unstructured content.


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