How to win clients on upwork!!

Hello All,

My Name is Sahil Kataria I am working as Project Head in QServices Inc.  based in Mohali(Pb), India . We are working on up work from last 4 years and successfully delivered 160+ projects please see link for more info upwork.

Today we are share our experience and what things need to take care while bidding on upwork. I am summarizing into 5 points and get more benefits.

  1. Always try to use FIFO- first IN first out
    Always bid as early as possible because the early bird with get the worm. How soon the job landing on upwork make sure you bid on that. Best time as per Indian timezone is 1 AM to 5 AM in the morning.
  2. Work on your upwork profile.
    keep updating and maintain your profile and always keep your portfolio up to date.
  3. Upload working samples on your profile.  
    your portfolio should be updated and working. Make sure all the sample passwords or links you gave in your portfolio must be working.
  4. Always write your own proposals.
    Understand the job description and write your own proposal. Don’t copy paste your proposals.
  5. Follow up your clients.
    Once the client say hello to your inbox and always follow up with them. even you got your job still make communication and provide daily status to them.please share your thoughts and recommendation as well.
    Thank you.
    Sahil K.