Why Brands are Switching to PWA?

My mind started buzzing when one of my friends told me about PWA. As a Developer, I was thinking every day technology changes and Progressive Web Apps may be one of them like I was taking PWA lightly.

When I start searching about PWA, I got surprised by the benefits given by PWA. I have read about Hybrid and Native platforms for Android and IOS app development respectively but if you’re developing the web app then PWA is the Modern Buzzword that added Stars to your work Dictionary.

If you’re running an organization, working on a Mobile Responsive website then that’s not enough to grow your business. Now, the question arises what you can do to increase your business?

Here’s the Answer of all the questions “PWA (Progressive Web Apps)”

What is PWA:

Let’s take the example as we all know, Whatsapp becomes a part of our daily routine. When the Internet is not working still we are able to open the Whatsapp and checked the earlier messages.

In fact, we can send messages without the internet. When we get an internet connection then messages are being automatically hit the chat-box.
In the same manner, PWA plays an important role in the web application development. Our web app will run when there’ll be no internet connection.

Why PWA:

Now, it’s the time to demonstrate why we need PWA and the key features which make it popular:

PWA Features

Keep the Users Engaged:

The features provide by PWA helps to keep the users engaged. These features include designs, Notifications, icons of Home Screen which automatically grab the attention of users.

Responsive and Fast:

One of the most important features of PWA is Fast and Responsive which means the page will be buttery smooth when we interact with the app and it can be fit into any kind of device whether it’s phone or tablet.

Online and Offline Connectivity:

PWA has the ability to work in both Online and Offline Environment.

Highly Secured:

The web apps build in PWA are highly secured because of the security layer i.e. HTTPS which stops the access of unauthorized users.

Update Automatically:

We don’t need to update the web apps build in PWA as its update automatically.

Reasons for choosing PWA by the Top Brands:

I hope you guys understand the PWA and the features which make it popular.
Now, Lets see why brands are switching towards PWA.



We all know about India’s biggest online Ticketing Platform none of other than BookMyShow. More than 50+ monthly people use BookMyShow.

After the adoption of PWA, there is a huge amount of increase in the conversion rate of BookMyShow which is increased up to 80+ in percentile.

Now, within 30 seconds, we’ll reach on checkout because of the fastest loading speed which is increased by PWA.


OLX is a group of the biggest Marketplace which covered 45 countries all around the world. If you want to purchase or sell the services whether it can be Electronic items, cars, bikes, cell-phones then OLX is the best option for you.

With the adoption of PWA, the OLX notify some improvements like the Bounce rate decreased up to 80%, more than 250+ people re-engaged with OLX, CTR increased up to 146% and many more.


One of the biggest hurdles for Flipkart was the issue with the network in the rural and urban Area. This issue is resolved by PWA. Now, we can connect with top brands and purchase goods without any network issues. Even, If we’ll be disconnected from the network; still we can browse the website, check the categories as well as the product.


MakeMyTrip is India’s leading travel company with 8 million visitors monthly. After the addition of PWA, the major changes shows in the site such as improvement in conversion rate is 3X, the loading time of the page is increased up to 38%, shopper sessions are increased up to 160%.


If we want to find what happening around the world then TwitterLite is the best platform. We can easily create and share information worldwide. Previously, Twitter wished their mobile web to be faster and more attractive.

As time flies; In addition to PWA, Twitter launched TwitterLite which becomes the fastest and easiest way to use Twitter. With lower data consumption, TwitterLite also gives benefits such as reduced in Bounce Rate up to 20%, Page per session increased up to 65%, 75% in Tweets.


Alibaba.com is the world’s largest marketplace for suppliers, buyers, and manufactures. It is the biggest E-commerce platform who recently adopted PWA which adds a feather to the cap.

The achievements of Alibaba includes-

  • The increase in interaction rate up to 4X.
  • Increase in the percentage of monthly active users that is 30% on Android and 14% on IOS.
  • The Conversion rate is increased by up to 76%.


Forbes is the American Business Magazine that provides feature articles on technology, marketing, finance, etc. Previously, the outcomes of Forbes’s mobile website was terrible with a render time of 6.5 seconds.

With PWA, within 3 seconds, Readers can see the content which results in an increase of impression per page is up to 20 % and 12% increase in readership.


The Social Network platforms noticed that the slow web experience because of its only convert just 1% of the customers into sign-up and sign-in. In order to improve this percentage, they choose PWA. The time to build PWA Pinterest was 3 months. After 3 months, Pinterest shows a drastic change in its business.

After adding PWA, the average time spent by the user is increased up to 40%, ad- revenue is increased up to 44% and many more.

Starbucks Coffee:

Starbucks allows its customers to check the menu, create the orders and add the orders to the cart even when there is no signal or poor connection. With the addition of PWA, Starbucks improved its performance such as As per the given location, we can choose a specific price.

  • Highly Responsive and Fast performance
  • Full Offline Features means we can use all the features of Starbucks without online.


If you are searching for a Hotel then Trivago is a big name in Hotel Search Engine Marketing. The availability of Trivago’s PWA is in 55 countries worldwide with 33 languages.
After the adoption of PWA, the percentage of user engagement is increased by up to 50% and Click rate is increased by 97%.


I hope you guys saw the benefits of PWA and how the latest brands adopted PWA technology. As technology grows faster, people also become smart. If the user needs any information, they want that in a hurry and not in the second half.

Our Organization QServices Inc. which is a Mobile and Application Development company is also on the way to work on PWA. Our team of 20+ members is passionate about their work and always keeps in touch with the latest technology. That’s why we’re now started working on PWA.

If you have any query or views, please share with us.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Node.JS in Web Application Development

Whenever we’ll be talking about programming languages, JavaScript comes first in our mind not because of its popularity but also a famous Web Application Development Tool. It is also used in Cross Development Platforms such as React-Native, Xamarin, Node.JS and many more.
The Demand of JavaScript is increasing more rapidly as it uses server-side programming. However, NodeJS Web Application distinguish itself from other technologies because it executes the JavaScript on server side. Node.JS is an open source cross-platform JavaScript used to develop real time applications.

Let’s see the Pros and Cons of NodeJS Web Application Development:

Pros and Cons of NodeJS web application development


PROS of NodeJS:-

Node.JS: Full Stack JavaScript

  • One of the greatest advantage of Node.JS is Full Stack JavaScript. The Developer can use same programming language for both Frontend and backend to develop the Web Applications.
  • If I’m talking about business point of view, we don’t need to hire separate Front End and Backend Developer as all the things are to be done by a single person so it saves money and time as well.
  • We can also reuse the code which makes the development process faster.

Simple Programming Language:

  • Node.JS helps us to write the Server Side Applications in JavaScript.
  • Node.JS makes the deployment of web applications easier because mostly all the web browsers like Google Chrome, Internet explorer etc. prefer JavaScript.
  • A Node.JS developer can write the web applications in both frontend and backend using runtime environment.

Highly Customizable and Extensible:

  • The Node.JS gains popularity because it is highly extensible that is we can extend and customize the Node.JS as per your prerequisite.
  • We can also use JSON to exchange the data between client and web server.


  • One of the greatest advantage of Node.JS is its Scalability that means we can easily scale the applications horizontally as well as vertically.
  • We can scale our application in horizontal direction by adding extra nodes.
  • During the vertical scanning, we can also add extra resources into the single node.

Easy to Learn and Fast Processing:

  • Being a Java Developer, we don’t need to put more efforts to learn Node.JS. It’s Simple and Easy to understand.
  • Just like Chrome’s JavaScript Runtime engine, Node.JS also has V8 JavaScript Runtime engine which makes its processing faster.
  • Node has a wrapper which is written in C language that provides extra features to existing applications.
  • Node Wrapper and V8 JavaScript Runtime engine are much faster than Perl, Python and Ruby.

Catching Facility:

  • The open source of runtime environment of Node.JS supports Catching Facility means whenever we request for first module, it gets cached in application memory.
  • With the help of Catching, the web page will work faster and responds more quickly to the user.

Efficiency of Requests Handling:

  • Node.JS provides the feature of non-blocking I/O system that allow us to process several requests simultaneously.
  • The handling efficiency of this process is far better than Python and Ruby.

Huge and Active Community of Developers:

  • One of the greatest advantage of Node.JS is the huge and active community. The community consists of Developers supported by JavaScript programmers who provide the ready-made code and easy solution in GitHub.
  • This community gives their contribution to develop and improve the features of Node.JS.

Freedom to Develop the Apps and Software:

  • Node.JS gives us the freedom to Develop the Software and the apps. We can develop the application from scratch. This feature is not present in Ruby on Rails.

CONS of NodeJS:-

Robust Library System:

  • When it comes to other programming Languages, Node.JS doesn’t have a strong Library System. Due to this, Developers need to use common library for the tasks like Image Processing, Database operations, ORM etc.
  • Due to Robust Library System, it’s complex for the developers to perform the common programming tasks.

Issues With API Stability:

  • One of the big drawback of Node.JS is API is not stable. Within a given time interval, API’S keep changing.
  • At a time, the latest API shows with incompatible changes. For that reason, the Developers need to do changes in accessible codes so that It should match with the current version of Node.JS API.

Unsynchronized Programming Model:

For more scalable application, the essential requirement is the implementation of unsynchronized Programming Model.

The other drawback of Programming Model is that the code will become more awkward and Developer have to depend on the nested calls.


Everything has its Pros and Cons. As per my opinion, Node.JS gives more benefits to Developers as compared to its drawbacks. Our organization QServices Inc. has also worked on many projects using Node.JS technology and got positive results as it covers the area of JavaScript Application and can be used for both Frontend and Backend servers. QServices Inc not only deals with NodeJS but it also offers Web and Mobile App Development Services like ASP.Net Core / ASP.Net MVC, ReactJS, MongoDB, Xamarin, React-Native, Flutter and many latest Technology.

Top Ten Improved Features of ASP.Net Core 3.0 to be Aware of!

Asp.NET Core Development is an open-source, managed web development framework that runs on Window, Linux and MAC OS to develop modern web applications. It is a popular and the cross platform successor to .NET Framework.

A new version Asp.NET Core 3.0 is presently in development and announced on May 7, 2019. The updated version has number of enhancements over the last used version ASP.Net Core 2.2. The official release has planned for September 23, 2019 for .Net Core 3. With .NET Core 3- the framework will get support for development of desktop application software, machine learning and IoT app.


asp.net core journey


Performance Improvements in .NET Core 3.0

.NET Core 3 is a big change from .NET Core 2, with new workloads added to those previously supported, said Hunter, director of Program Management for .NET.

  1. High-performance implementation of .NET for creating Windows, Linux and Mac apps
    2. .NET Core 3.0 adds support for C# 8.0
    3. The .NET core 3.0 SDK comes with a tool that can reduce the deployment size of apps by analyzing IL and trimming unused assemblies and libraries.

To enable this tool, add the <PublishTrimmed> setting in your project and publish a self-contained app:


4. Tiered compilation: This feature is set to default in ASP.Net core 3.0 which is used to combines client-side and server-side compilation and enable the runtime to more adaptively use the JIT compiler for improved performance.
5. .NET Core 3.0 introduces local tools. Local tools are somewhat similar to global tools but are not available globally and are associated with a precise position on disk and are distributed as NuGet packages.


Local tools in .Net core 3.0


6. .NET Core 3.0 introduces an opt-in feature that allows your app to roll forward to the latest major version of .NET Core.

Project file property: RollForward
Runtime configuration file property: rollForward
Environment variable: DOTNET_ROLL_FORWARD
Command-line argument: --roll-forward

7. Improves native API interop.
8. .NET 3.0 adds support for AES-GCM and AES-CCM ciphers, implemented with System.Security.Cryptography.AesGcm and System.Security.Cryptography.AesCcm respectively.
9. .NET Core 3.0 supports the import and export of asymmetric public and private keys from standard formats. You don’t need to use an X.509 certificate.
10. For earlier versions of ASP.Net, Javascript Object Notation was a third party dependency for basic stuff. But in .NET Core 3.0, three new main JSON-related types have been added as an intrinsic supported feature. The new built-in JSON support is low allocation, high-performance, and based on Span<byte>.


Note: This is all automatic and built in with .NET Core 3.0, but if you’re targeting .NET Standard or .NET Framework. Install the System.Text.Json NuGet package (make sure to include previews and install version 4.6.0-preview6.19303.8 or higher). In order to get the integration with ASP.NET Core, you must target .NET Core 3.0.

Platform Support:

.NET Core 3 support on an extensive range of OS as given follows:

Windows Server: 2012 R2 SP1+
Windows Client: 7, 8.1, 10 (1607+)
RHEL: 6+
macOS: 10.12+
Ubuntu: 16.04+
Fedora: 26+
SLES: 12+
Debian: 9+
Alpine: 3.8+
openSUSE: 42.3+


NET Core 3.0 has so many improvements to offer, from Windows Forms and WPF, to single-file executable, to async enumerable, to platform intrinsic, to HTTP/2, to fast JSON reading and writing, to assembly unload ability, to enhanced cryptography, and on and on and on… there is a treasure of new functionality to get excited about.

Desktop Improvements in .NET Core 3



Through this blog, you will be able to know about the top 10 improved features of ASP.Net core 3.0. At QServices Inc, We are with full stack developers who are always convey you the best technology which meet your prospective and boost your business over the world. Meanwhile, Our skillful app developers keep updated themselves with the latest trend technologies and provide you the top notch web and mobile development services at unmatched cost.

Reference: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/core/whats-new/dotnet-core-3-0

Top 16 Things Need To Consider While Design and Develop a Website!

With the rapid increase of the web development industry, there is a great need to implement innovative perceptions in order for your website to stand out amongst the million websites that exist today. For the successful web development, below are the mentioned points that need to be considered for developing a good website.

1. Domain Name

The domain name in actual is your business identity on the web. You must ensure that the domain name that you choose not only fits your business, but also easy to find and promote. You can target your area instead of numbers or hyphens. So choose the short but business related domain name by means of which one could judge your business and should be SEO friendly.

2. Hosting

To select the hosting is an important decision as from speed and stability of the website to the security and uptime, all depend upon the right kind of choice you do. To choose the bad host is just the wastage of money or you have to suffer a lot and need to give you so much time on it. The hosting should be chosen on the basis of capacity that you require.

3. Technology

Technology is also one of the important things to consider in developing a top notch website or web app. This decision is a little challenging for smaller businesses and startups where there is a limited budget. Technology is the key to the project’s success, so one wrong choice of web app development technologies may be a reason for failure. You should choose the technology in which you feel that you are comfortable or you can easily get the developer.

4. Motive

Every website has different purposes depending on the targeted audience. The motive to create the website should be clear in your mind. Whether you want to do the business or you want to serve some specific services or any corporate business or eCommerce business.

5. Color Effects

Everybody has a clear vision about the color effects of their website. You should have the clear vision, color effects and a neat layout should be preferred. To establish a solid brand identity is extremely important, so the choice of colors is a key ingredient in building trustworthiness, making customers or users feel comfortable. So the color scheme is pretty important.

6. Attractive Design

The design of the website should be professional and a very bright and soothe color combination and the font family should be chosen that doesn’t squint the eyes and looks good. A simple, sleek design proves a long lasting and allows users to easily navigate the website and thus instantly find the data that really matters to them is the key for Effective web design.

7. Content

As Content is the best way to express the purpose of creating your website. The website has to cover the good, informative and keyword-targeted content to the users. The targeted Keywords helps the website to rank on the top in Search Engines.

8. Prevent using Pop-up Messages or Flash in your Website

These are the most annoying things that are used in the websites. So never use such things on your websites that increases your website’s load time and are not good as per the SEO perceptions.

9. Eye-Catchy Buttons

The buttons are the great source to get the visitors engaged. If they are poorly designed, then their powers to attract people get down. So Try to make and use such buttons that attracts users and even doesn’t stop themselves to click on the button.

10. High quality Images

The images should be chosen in such a way that leaves an impression for everyone and the user got clear about the concept just after viewing the image. The high resolution and easily adjustable in every style of website images should be used.

11. Easy to explore

A good exploration buttons makes the process of website understanding easy and smooth. Navigation on the website act as the map that makes visitors to reach their destinations in the clear way. The navigation should be easy so that user could easily explore what they are looking for.

12. Unique and Fresh

The website should be unique from the other and the content and the other parameters should be updated to keep your visitors coming again.

13. Responsive Approach

The website should be responsive in all browsers and devices. Responsive websites help to reach the most potential viewers.

14. Social Media Integration

All the valid and popular social media icons should be integrated into the website to facilitate easy content sharing.

15. Secure

The users should feel safe when leaves their information in your website or enter their banking details to get registered.

16. Impressive Footer

By well optimizing the footer, you can impress your users. So, the valid and the most important details in the optimized manner should be mentioned in the footer.

10 Most Effective Web Design Software/Tools to Create Amazing Websites

A website is one of the most crucial aspects of having a business. Having a perfect web design is the key to successful digital marketing strategies. However, the idea is to create websites that are unique yet creative, responsive yet easy to function. Many times people are caught in between web development and designs as their overall process is quite stressing especially if you are not aware of the latest web designing software. With so many web designing software one can easily be confused with which to use in order to create the best working website for different businesses.

web design and development

So, here is complete information for website and mobile app developers on the most effective web design software that you can use to create most amazing websites. In fact, businesses have a great opportunity to improve their online presence through websites that are creative.

Google Web Designer

Google web designer is an amazing tool for web designers that help in creating HTML5 websites and animated advertisements. It works on major operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac.
The software is easy to use and provides designers with unique designs and graphics. You can use the graphics and animations to bring your imagination into digital reality.
The designers can use interactive features available on the software to create beautiful responsive sites. You can choose the mode and create 3D content also.

Adobe Photo shop

Adobe Photo shop is one of the most popular tools used by web designers. It allows users to create and modify images that can be then saved in any of the formats. Various tools on Photo shop can be used to edit all kinds of images. You can use Photo shop to make the adjustment of graphics and images that includes saturation, contrast, brightness, hues, and many more.
You can also use the tool to create entirely different graphics. Other than that you can also use more than one image to create different graphic designs. Using Photo shop can also improve your designing skills as the tools work manually and you need to have a clear vision of what you want to create.
The software is available on Windows as well as Mac.


Sketch is an amazing web designing tool that works for Mac operating system. The user shall purchase the license in order to create designs using this tool.
Sketch helps in creating quality designs that give results almost like HTML/CSS. That is why you can easily create designs on coded versions as well. The user can use plug ins and interface to create beautiful designs.
In addition to that, you can use features like libraries and make collaborations with designers across the world. It allows you to share your designs and stay updated. Sketch is one of the most popular web designing tools available for iOS applications and sites.

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

You can use the free software to perform tasks like retouching the photos or edit all kinds of images. You can use the free tool to alter the source code and share changes as well. In addition, you can use the highly customizable tools and plug ins to improve your designs. GIMP provides you with various tools that can be used to manipulate images and create unique graphics.
You can also use GIMP to create icons, designing elements and various mock ups. Other than that GIMP can be used to manage different types of colors on the digital media.

Macaw (Stop writing code, start drawing it)

Macaw is a web designing tool that can be used by web designers to create websites while using a code less interface.
Some of the most convenient features of the tool are that it helps in creating responsive websites that are mobile friendly. Other than that you can use web fonts, transmit the designs to other devices that are in network and include scripts for fast prototyping.

Adobe Dream weaver Official

Adobe Dream weaver is software that is used to design web pages that feature HTML and programming editor. The software also runs on languages like JavaScript, XML, CSS. The software provides you with an ideal tool that supports code editing as well as live views. You can also modify the designs as per your choice.
You can build the entire site using Dream weaver and then export it to the sites.


Figma is the first interface design tool that is based on the browser. Figma is the perfect place if you are looking to forward towards creating designs, prototyping and also get feedbacks at just one place. The software is available online for OS like Windows, Linux, and Mac.
You do not have to sync or export files while working on this software if you wish to move from design to prototype.

Color Wheel

Web designing is incomplete without using colors and that’s why mentioning the color wheel tool on this list is a must. The adobe color is a free color scheme tool that can be used in a number of ways to create beautiful designs.
You can use various color schemes as per your desire and bring together creative designs. Color scheme matters the most when it comes to designing web pages and this is where the tool can help you. The seed color option on the tool helps you with choosing the right fit of color for your design.


You can use Hologram software to create web-VR creations. It is not mandatory to have prior programming knowledge to create VR hologram designs. You can also use the scene to create virtual reality designs for the web pages. The tool is specifically designed to create quick unique 3D designs.
You can also use the tool for managing images, videos, and 3d designs. If you are looking forward to designing virtual reality designs then this software is the best.


Canvas is an amazing designing tool that is super easy to use. The tool can be used to create beautiful designs for social media platforms, blogging and various other channels. The tool provides an amazing platform to create beautiful layouts for designs, you can also use free icons and different fonts to create designs that are impressive which saves a lot of time.