Why Brands are Switching to PWA?

My mind started buzzing when one of my friends told me about PWA. As a Developer, I was thinking every day technology changes and Progressive Web Apps may be one of them like I was taking PWA lightly.

When I start searching about PWA, I got surprised by the benefits given by PWA. I have read about Hybrid and Native platforms for Android and IOS app development respectively but if you’re developing the web app then PWA is the Modern Buzzword that added Stars to your work Dictionary.

If you’re running an organization, working on a Mobile Responsive website then that’s not enough to grow your business. Now, the question arises what you can do to increase your business?

Here’s the Answer of all the questions “PWA (Progressive Web Apps)”

What is PWA:

Let’s take the example as we all know, Whatsapp becomes a part of our daily routine. When the Internet is not working still we are able to open the Whatsapp and checked the earlier messages.

In fact, we can send messages without the internet. When we get an internet connection then messages are being automatically hit the chat-box.
In the same manner, PWA plays an important role in the web application development. Our web app will run when there’ll be no internet connection.

Why PWA:

Now, it’s the time to demonstrate why we need PWA and the key features which make it popular:

PWA Features

Keep the Users Engaged:

The features provide by PWA helps to keep the users engaged. These features include designs, Notifications, icons of Home Screen which automatically grab the attention of users.

Responsive and Fast:

One of the most important features of PWA is Fast and Responsive which means the page will be buttery smooth when we interact with the app and it can be fit into any kind of device whether it’s phone or tablet.

Online and Offline Connectivity:

PWA has the ability to work in both Online and Offline Environment.

Highly Secured:

The web apps build in PWA are highly secured because of the security layer i.e. HTTPS which stops the access of unauthorized users.

Update Automatically:

We don’t need to update the web apps build in PWA as its update automatically.

Reasons for choosing PWA by the Top Brands:

I hope you guys understand the PWA and the features which make it popular.
Now, Lets see why brands are switching towards PWA.



We all know about India’s biggest online Ticketing Platform none of other than BookMyShow. More than 50+ monthly people use BookMyShow.

After the adoption of PWA, there is a huge amount of increase in the conversion rate of BookMyShow which is increased up to 80+ in percentile.

Now, within 30 seconds, we’ll reach on checkout because of the fastest loading speed which is increased by PWA.


OLX is a group of the biggest Marketplace which covered 45 countries all around the world. If you want to purchase or sell the services whether it can be Electronic items, cars, bikes, cell-phones then OLX is the best option for you.

With the adoption of PWA, the OLX notify some improvements like the Bounce rate decreased up to 80%, more than 250+ people re-engaged with OLX, CTR increased up to 146% and many more.


One of the biggest hurdles for Flipkart was the issue with the network in the rural and urban Area. This issue is resolved by PWA. Now, we can connect with top brands and purchase goods without any network issues. Even, If we’ll be disconnected from the network; still we can browse the website, check the categories as well as the product.


MakeMyTrip is India’s leading travel company with 8 million visitors monthly. After the addition of PWA, the major changes shows in the site such as improvement in conversion rate is 3X, the loading time of the page is increased up to 38%, shopper sessions are increased up to 160%.


If we want to find what happening around the world then TwitterLite is the best platform. We can easily create and share information worldwide. Previously, Twitter wished their mobile web to be faster and more attractive.

As time flies; In addition to PWA, Twitter launched TwitterLite which becomes the fastest and easiest way to use Twitter. With lower data consumption, TwitterLite also gives benefits such as reduced in Bounce Rate up to 20%, Page per session increased up to 65%, 75% in Tweets.


Alibaba.com is the world’s largest marketplace for suppliers, buyers, and manufactures. It is the biggest E-commerce platform who recently adopted PWA which adds a feather to the cap.

The achievements of Alibaba includes-

  • The increase in interaction rate up to 4X.
  • Increase in the percentage of monthly active users that is 30% on Android and 14% on IOS.
  • The Conversion rate is increased by up to 76%.


Forbes is the American Business Magazine that provides feature articles on technology, marketing, finance, etc. Previously, the outcomes of Forbes’s mobile website was terrible with a render time of 6.5 seconds.

With PWA, within 3 seconds, Readers can see the content which results in an increase of impression per page is up to 20 % and 12% increase in readership.


The Social Network platforms noticed that the slow web experience because of its only convert just 1% of the customers into sign-up and sign-in. In order to improve this percentage, they choose PWA. The time to build PWA Pinterest was 3 months. After 3 months, Pinterest shows a drastic change in its business.

After adding PWA, the average time spent by the user is increased up to 40%, ad- revenue is increased up to 44% and many more.

Starbucks Coffee:

Starbucks allows its customers to check the menu, create the orders and add the orders to the cart even when there is no signal or poor connection. With the addition of PWA, Starbucks improved its performance such as As per the given location, we can choose a specific price.

  • Highly Responsive and Fast performance
  • Full Offline Features means we can use all the features of Starbucks without online.


If you are searching for a Hotel then Trivago is a big name in Hotel Search Engine Marketing. The availability of Trivago’s PWA is in 55 countries worldwide with 33 languages.
After the adoption of PWA, the percentage of user engagement is increased by up to 50% and Click rate is increased by 97%.


I hope you guys saw the benefits of PWA and how the latest brands adopted PWA technology. As technology grows faster, people also become smart. If the user needs any information, they want that in a hurry and not in the second half.

Our Organization QServices Inc. which is a Mobile and Application Development company is also on the way to work on PWA. Our team of 20+ members is passionate about their work and always keeps in touch with the latest technology. That’s why we’re now started working on PWA.

If you have any query or views, please share with us.

Top Ten Improved Features of ASP.Net Core 3.0 to be Aware of!

Asp.NET Core Development is an open-source, managed web development framework that runs on Window, Linux and MAC OS to develop modern web applications. It is a popular and the cross platform successor to .NET Framework.

A new version Asp.NET Core 3.0 is presently in development and announced on May 7, 2019. The updated version has number of enhancements over the last used version ASP.Net Core 2.2. The official release has planned for September 23, 2019 for .Net Core 3. With .NET Core 3- the framework will get support for development of desktop application software, machine learning and IoT app.


asp.net core journey


Performance Improvements in .NET Core 3.0

.NET Core 3 is a big change from .NET Core 2, with new workloads added to those previously supported, said Hunter, director of Program Management for .NET.

  1. High-performance implementation of .NET for creating Windows, Linux and Mac apps
    2. .NET Core 3.0 adds support for C# 8.0
    3. The .NET core 3.0 SDK comes with a tool that can reduce the deployment size of apps by analyzing IL and trimming unused assemblies and libraries.

To enable this tool, add the <PublishTrimmed> setting in your project and publish a self-contained app:


4. Tiered compilation: This feature is set to default in ASP.Net core 3.0 which is used to combines client-side and server-side compilation and enable the runtime to more adaptively use the JIT compiler for improved performance.
5. .NET Core 3.0 introduces local tools. Local tools are somewhat similar to global tools but are not available globally and are associated with a precise position on disk and are distributed as NuGet packages.


Local tools in .Net core 3.0


6. .NET Core 3.0 introduces an opt-in feature that allows your app to roll forward to the latest major version of .NET Core.

Project file property: RollForward
Runtime configuration file property: rollForward
Environment variable: DOTNET_ROLL_FORWARD
Command-line argument: --roll-forward

7. Improves native API interop.
8. .NET 3.0 adds support for AES-GCM and AES-CCM ciphers, implemented with System.Security.Cryptography.AesGcm and System.Security.Cryptography.AesCcm respectively.
9. .NET Core 3.0 supports the import and export of asymmetric public and private keys from standard formats. You don’t need to use an X.509 certificate.
10. For earlier versions of ASP.Net, Javascript Object Notation was a third party dependency for basic stuff. But in .NET Core 3.0, three new main JSON-related types have been added as an intrinsic supported feature. The new built-in JSON support is low allocation, high-performance, and based on Span<byte>.


Note: This is all automatic and built in with .NET Core 3.0, but if you’re targeting .NET Standard or .NET Framework. Install the System.Text.Json NuGet package (make sure to include previews and install version 4.6.0-preview6.19303.8 or higher). In order to get the integration with ASP.NET Core, you must target .NET Core 3.0.

Platform Support:

.NET Core 3 support on an extensive range of OS as given follows:

Windows Server: 2012 R2 SP1+
Windows Client: 7, 8.1, 10 (1607+)
RHEL: 6+
macOS: 10.12+
Ubuntu: 16.04+
Fedora: 26+
SLES: 12+
Debian: 9+
Alpine: 3.8+
openSUSE: 42.3+


NET Core 3.0 has so many improvements to offer, from Windows Forms and WPF, to single-file executable, to async enumerable, to platform intrinsic, to HTTP/2, to fast JSON reading and writing, to assembly unload ability, to enhanced cryptography, and on and on and on… there is a treasure of new functionality to get excited about.

Desktop Improvements in .NET Core 3



Through this blog, you will be able to know about the top 10 improved features of ASP.Net core 3.0. At QServices Inc, We are with full stack developers who are always convey you the best technology which meet your prospective and boost your business over the world. Meanwhile, Our skillful app developers keep updated themselves with the latest trend technologies and provide you the top notch web and mobile development services at unmatched cost.

Reference: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/core/whats-new/dotnet-core-3-0

Why React Native is in Trend for Building Mobile Applications?

Year by year, there have been huge advancements in the field of technology in the bygone decades and more people are serving internet on mobile devices rather than on their desktops. However, only a few sectors have witnessed unparalleled growth; out of which is the mobile app development industry. In this digital era, everybody needs quick information and in the recent time, many of the businesses want to give an improved mobile application experience to their users.

It has been observed according to statistics, by the year 2020, mobile apps are predicted to generate $188.9 billion in global revenue via app stores and in-app advertising. These can be the great reasons for you to ponder about building a mobile app for the better growth of your business.


Benefits of React Native JS Library

Now the next question that arises in our mind is that how can we reach the new audience with a mobile app and which speculating technology to choose.

The users also require apps that offer unblemished performance, smooth navigation, as well as aesthetically appeal. The growing demand for superior, faster, and more innovative apps has led to the urgency to meet the criteria. But the high performing and quality native applications are a bit time consuming to build. So there are so many mobile app development frameworks available that provides faster deployment with a slight impact on the performance and React Native is one of the enhanced technology to build revolutionary mobile applications and keep in-sync with the demand. In this Blog, we will discuss why you should prefer React native for your business mobile app development.

React Native – React (a JavaScript library) + Native (mobile Application type) is exhibited by Facebook in 2015 but released to the public in 2016, which is a cross-platform mobile app development framework used to develop native apps that make code readable for both Android and iOS. The main purpose of React Native is to bring the power of reacting to native mobile application development and is the native version of the JavaScript library.

Some specific reasons to choose React Native for Mobile App Development:

Offers Cross-Platform Compatibility

React Native was initially introduced for iOS but owing to its super abilities and features, Facebook developed its support for Android as well. Now, the majority of React Native applications are cross-platform, which entails that developers can use the same code for developing both Android and iOS applications and thus results in the same performance outcome without any additional cost and also shortens the development process.

Low Development Cost and Time Constraints

Within no time you will be able to design a mobile application for your kind of business with the help of React Native. Money is the most significant factor for which you are concerned about to while the start of your business. Every startup wants the faster returns to subsist in the tech savvy market. With react Native, you can embed native code conveniently, when necessary, to impart a more platform-specific authenticity to your app. This saves the development cost to at least 30% considerably, as well as reduce time otherwise spent writing two codes and teams of developers to pay. So the big reason to hire react native developer is building an app in react native will save your time and money to build mobile apps on multiple platforms.

Sharing a Single Code Base

One of the biggest benefits of React Native is the fact that it allows for building a single app and releasing it for both Android and iOS. Front end code can be shared between iOS and android. Moreover, if you have already built a website in React JS, then in that case also, you are able to reuse the existing code.

Live Reload Feature

The Live reload feature available in react native allows you to instantaneously get the outcome of the recent change that you have made to the code. The developer can keep running the app while implementing new versions. The changes will be instant visible without saving the code. The basic idea behind hot reloading is that you couldn’t lose any of your state and able to inject new versions of the file during the run time.

Improve Customer Experience and Efficiency

React Native app guarantees speed and agility for the mobile apps with responsiveness and a great native app based user experience. This platform also brings efficiency and portability of web app development to the smartphone and also speed up your development time in a number of ways. The React native development framework can interface with the third-party plugins so as to use the device’s functionalities.

Handled Complex Business Logics

Facebook uses this framework to handle out the complex business logics about diverse currencies, time zones and date/time conventions.

React Native Open Source Update 0.59 – The Latest Version

React Native has a recent update React native 0.59 in which highly awaited changes has been made in the technology.

Features of React Native 0.59

Powerful React Hooks

The basic idea to implement this new feature in React Native is that it allows to use react state and components life-cycle methods behavior in functional components without writing the class. Hooks does not work at all with classes. In straight words, Hooks are created to reuse the stateful behavior between different functional react components. React provides two built in hooks i.e. useState and useEffect.

Java Script Core upgrade and 64 bit Support for Android

React Native uses JSC to power your application and supports the developers to use JavaScript for android and iOS securely. This feature comes up with 64 bit support.

Enhancements in CLI

This upgrade comes up with the CLI (Command Line Interface) improvements. In the earlier versions, the feature of CLI comprises of various issues and there was a lack of support from the official platform. In React Native 0.59, The tools of Command Line Interface have been moved to the new repository with the number of improvements.

Introduce “Inline Requires” Features

The inline requires feature in React Native 0.59 helps in easily identifying the components to be selected at the time of starting the app. This feature lets the developers to load the resources whenever needed in the case of lazy loading. In the apps, The developers now have the option to load resources in the conditions where they are required to avoid the slowing down of the app launch.

Challenges Faced while Building Cross-Platform Apps With Xamarin

Xamarin is the excellent idea or the time efficient tool which is used to build applications for different operating systems and hence overcomes cross-platform development difficulties. Here are the challenges being faced by the Xamarin Forms Developer while building apps with Xamarin:

WPF Platform Setup Challenge

To set up WPF Platform is the most infuriating challenge a Xamarin Forms beginner can face. You launch your IDE, Select Xamarin.Forms project template, but sometimes you can’t run it immediately. This is either due to NUGET packages which are not restored or packages which need to be updated. If you face this issue, the first thing to do is to restore all your nugget packages for the solution and update if need be.

Specified Platform The XAML or the code.

When you are a Xamarin. Forms beginner, and new to .Net development tool, you can get very confused in the beginning. XAML is a markup language used to build user interfaces in .Net apps. You have the choice to build user interfaces either with XAML or with C# code and you may ask yourself if you should use XAML the answer is YES you should. Using XAML allows you to better separate UI code from code logic, and is a better choice when you will implement MVVM.

Where is the designer?

If you have previously worked on mobile development platform like Android or UWP, it is required to have a designer where you drag and drop views. But in Xamarin Forms, there is no requirement of such designer at least not yet. This can seem weird at first and even frustrating. There are some paid solutions for Xaml previewing. I already tried Gorilla Player XAML Live Preview but that was not working for .Net Standard. Finally, I found LiveXaml. Works better than others. Great tool, response is extremely quick. It’s very useful when you want to see the change both on IOS and Android platform at the same time.

Compiling and Running the App.

After restoring packages, in some circumstances, you may find difficulties in compiling and running your app. This bug arises because of platform specific packages that are needed to run the application. For example, after restoring nugget packages, you may face bugs like missing package Xamarin.Android.Support.Design or any other Xamarin.Forms supporting package dispute. Your IDE may complain about Missing References to Dependencies or Packages which are actually PRESENT in your solution or, after running your app, it immediately closes. All of these issues and a lot more will hinder compilation.

Sometimes we have to clean and rebuild the solution again and again to deploy the code. It is such a painful task of cleaning the solution often or deleting the bin and obj folder to remove the cached things and compiling again to rebuild the fresh code.

Dealing with Unhandled Exceptions

Catching unhandled exceptions in Xamarin are quite painful. A mobile application should never exit unexpectedly. That’s why you have to catch unhandled and unobserved task exceptions app-wide. Things are not always what they seem! When an unhandled exception occurs, typically Android will be destroying the process.

Android application using Microsoft Azure cognitive Services


Android application using Microsoft Azure cognitive Services

As per my previous blog related to Azure Cognitive Services, I have extended this article with practical example using Microsoft Azure vision API for Face detection. I have developed a simple application in Android. Which helps to detect user face from an image and can able to tell person’s Age, Gender and if person wears glasses or not.

On technical note, I have used Picasso to load the image from url as third party library. Firebase storage is used to store the uploaded image. Upload image’s api is called which upload the image to the firebase.

There is Getdata method that is called to get the face characteristics as mentioned like, Age, Gender and Glasses. The code can also detect the face in pic and draw rectangle outside it in red color line.

This is the opening screen in the app. In this we have two buttons choose and upload. We can choose the image from the gallery and then uploading it will use the firebase storage. After successful uploading of the image the activity will move to the next screen. The image will also be seen on the imageview in this screen.

We should have azure subscription for generating subscription key for Face API, you can get Microsoft Azure free account from here.

Here the Microsoft azure api  is called, if the response is 200 i.e ok then in the textview (light blue) the gender, age and glasses will get displayed, from the respective responses.

I have also added a toast if there is no face detected in the pic, it will have when we have IndexOutofBoundException. Which states that no face is detected in the pic.

Please find the source code from my git repo.


1.       Android studio

2.       Firebase storage account

3.       Microsoft Azure Subscription

What is Azure Cognitive Services?

Azure Cognitive Services

Today’s era of technology AI is being very much competitive and growing with the speed of light. We can find AI in almost every sector that works in Text, speech, vision, Search, knowledge based. Azure is providing solution to these and giving us their cognitive services in the form of API, SDK’s and services with help developers so that they can build intelligent system.

Following are  api’s for azure cognitive services:

Services for Vision API
Service NameService Description
Computer VisionThis service provides processing images and returns information
Custom Vision Service (Preview)Used for build custom images classifiers.
Content ModeratorUse for Monitoring risky, offensive and undesirable content.
Face APIUse for detection and recognition.
Video IndexerUse for getting insights from your video.
Services for Speech APIs
Service NameService Description
Speech Service (PreviewThis service adds speech-enabled features in the applications.
Bing Speech APIUsed for build speech enabled features.
Translator SpeechUse for Machine translation features.
Speaker Recognition API(Preview)Use for speaker dentification and verification.
Services for Language APIs
Service NameService Description
Bing Spell CheckThis service performs contextual grammar and spell checking
Language Understanding LUISLUIS allows application to understand what a person need his/her own words.
Text AnalyticsProvide NLP over raw text for sentiment analysis, key phrase extraction and language detection.
Translator TextUse for machine-based text translation in near real-time.
Services for Search APIs
Service NameService Description
Bing News SearchIt finds list of news articles determined to be relevant to the user's query.
Bing Video SearchIt finds list of videos determined to be relevant to the user's query
Bing Web SearchIt gives list of search results determined to be relevant to the user's query.
Bing Autosuggestsend a partial search query term to Bing and get back a list of suggested queries.
Bing Custom SearchIt creates tailored search experience for the query we searched
Bing Image SearchDisplay image according to user query
Bing Visual SearchIt returns related searches and similar images upon finding image.
Bing Local Business SearchFind contact and local business address based upon queries.
Services for Knowledge APIs
Service NameService Description
QnA MakerIt helps to build QA Service from unstructured content.


Free Trails

You can create free Microsoft account and Signup for free trail here.


You can check about detailed pricing here.

How to win clients on upwork!!

Hello All,

My Name is Sahil Kataria I am working as Project Head in QServices Inc.  based in Mohali(Pb), India . We are working on up work from last 4 years and successfully delivered 160+ projects please see link for more info upwork.

Today we are share our experience and what things need to take care while bidding on upwork. I am summarizing into 5 points and get more benefits.

  1. Always try to use FIFO- first IN first out
    Always bid as early as possible because the early bird with get the worm. How soon the job landing on upwork make sure you bid on that. Best time as per Indian timezone is 1 AM to 5 AM in the morning.
  2. Work on your upwork profile.
    keep updating and maintain your profile and always keep your portfolio up to date.
  3. Upload working samples on your profile.  
    your portfolio should be updated and working. Make sure all the sample passwords or links you gave in your portfolio must be working.
  4. Always write your own proposals.
    Understand the job description and write your own proposal. Don’t copy paste your proposals.
  5. Follow up your clients.
    Once the client say hello to your inbox and always follow up with them. even you got your job still make communication and provide daily status to them.please share your thoughts and recommendation as well.
    Thank you.
    Sahil K.

SDLC – Overview

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a process used by the software industry to design, develop and test high quality softwares. The SDLC aims to produce a high-quality software that meets or exceeds customer expectations, reaches completion within times and cost estimates.

    1. SDLC is the acronym of Software Development Life Cycle.

It is also called as Software Development Process.

SDLC is a framework defining tasks performed at each step in the software development process.

ISO/IEC 12207 is an international standard for software life-cycle processes. It aims to be the standard that defines all the tasks required for developing and maintaining software.ll the tasks required for developing and maintaining software.

Xamarin, React, React Native

Our Company having a team of Xamarin, React, React Native, Php, Laravel, WordPress, Android, Dot Net developers. We Understand each and every aspect of software development life cycle. We try to satisfy our clients as much as we can. We having done uncounted projects websites and mobile apps. Which are up and working as per client expectations. We are always available to support our customers.

Trip To Jaipur

Situated at Badi Choupad, Pink City of Jaipur, Hawa Mahal was built in 1799. It has 953 windows on the outside walls. The honeycomb shaped and beautifully carved windows allow breeze to blow through the palace and makes it a perfect summer palace. It was built as an extension to the City Palace nearby. See below for more information about Hawa Mahal.

Hawa Mahal