Benefits and Drawbacks of Node.JS in Web Application Development

Whenever we’ll be talking about programming languages, JavaScript comes first in our mind not because of its popularity but also a famous Web Application Development Tool. It is also used in Cross Development Platforms such as React-Native, Xamarin, Node.JS and many more.
The Demand of JavaScript is increasing more rapidly as it uses server-side programming. However, NodeJS Web Application distinguish itself from other technologies because it executes the JavaScript on server side. Node.JS is an open source cross-platform JavaScript used to develop real time applications.

Let’s see the Pros and Cons of NodeJS Web Application Development:

Pros and Cons of NodeJS web application development


PROS of NodeJS:-

Node.JS: Full Stack JavaScript

  • One of the greatest advantage of Node.JS is Full Stack JavaScript. The Developer can use same programming language for both Frontend and backend to develop the Web Applications.
  • If I’m talking about business point of view, we don’t need to hire separate Front End and Backend Developer as all the things are to be done by a single person so it saves money and time as well.
  • We can also reuse the code which makes the development process faster.

Simple Programming Language:

  • Node.JS helps us to write the Server Side Applications in JavaScript.
  • Node.JS makes the deployment of web applications easier because mostly all the web browsers like Google Chrome, Internet explorer etc. prefer JavaScript.
  • A Node.JS developer can write the web applications in both frontend and backend using runtime environment.

Highly Customizable and Extensible:

  • The Node.JS gains popularity because it is highly extensible that is we can extend and customize the Node.JS as per your prerequisite.
  • We can also use JSON to exchange the data between client and web server.


  • One of the greatest advantage of Node.JS is its Scalability that means we can easily scale the applications horizontally as well as vertically.
  • We can scale our application in horizontal direction by adding extra nodes.
  • During the vertical scanning, we can also add extra resources into the single node.

Easy to Learn and Fast Processing:

  • Being a Java Developer, we don’t need to put more efforts to learn Node.JS. It’s Simple and Easy to understand.
  • Just like Chrome’s JavaScript Runtime engine, Node.JS also has V8 JavaScript Runtime engine which makes its processing faster.
  • Node has a wrapper which is written in C language that provides extra features to existing applications.
  • Node Wrapper and V8 JavaScript Runtime engine are much faster than Perl, Python and Ruby.

Catching Facility:

  • The open source of runtime environment of Node.JS supports Catching Facility means whenever we request for first module, it gets cached in application memory.
  • With the help of Catching, the web page will work faster and responds more quickly to the user.

Efficiency of Requests Handling:

  • Node.JS provides the feature of non-blocking I/O system that allow us to process several requests simultaneously.
  • The handling efficiency of this process is far better than Python and Ruby.

Huge and Active Community of Developers:

  • One of the greatest advantage of Node.JS is the huge and active community. The community consists of Developers supported by JavaScript programmers who provide the ready-made code and easy solution in GitHub.
  • This community gives their contribution to develop and improve the features of Node.JS.

Freedom to Develop the Apps and Software:

  • Node.JS gives us the freedom to Develop the Software and the apps. We can develop the application from scratch. This feature is not present in Ruby on Rails.

CONS of NodeJS:-

Robust Library System:

  • When it comes to other programming Languages, Node.JS doesn’t have a strong Library System. Due to this, Developers need to use common library for the tasks like Image Processing, Database operations, ORM etc.
  • Due to Robust Library System, it’s complex for the developers to perform the common programming tasks.

Issues With API Stability:

  • One of the big drawback of Node.JS is API is not stable. Within a given time interval, API’S keep changing.
  • At a time, the latest API shows with incompatible changes. For that reason, the Developers need to do changes in accessible codes so that It should match with the current version of Node.JS API.

Unsynchronized Programming Model:

For more scalable application, the essential requirement is the implementation of unsynchronized Programming Model.

The other drawback of Programming Model is that the code will become more awkward and Developer have to depend on the nested calls.


Everything has its Pros and Cons. As per my opinion, Node.JS gives more benefits to Developers as compared to its drawbacks. Our organization QServices Inc. has also worked on many projects using Node.JS technology and got positive results as it covers the area of JavaScript Application and can be used for both Frontend and Backend servers. QServices Inc not only deals with NodeJS but it also offers Web and Mobile App Development Services like ASP.Net Core / ASP.Net MVC, ReactJS, MongoDB, Xamarin, React-Native, Flutter and many latest Technology.

Best Tips and Tactics to Optimize your App Store

There are enormous apps available in android and iphone’s app store which is being used by the billions of smartphone users worldwide. The progress of designing the apps in different fields is continually going on.

If you are a developer and trying to get your app to be noticed and want to stand out among the competitors and to rank well in an app store searches, it requires strong App store optimization strategies to be used for both google play and iOS app store.

Before knowing the ASO Strategies, first of all, let’s get some introduction about App Store Optimization.

What is ASO?

With Search Engine Optimization, Internet marketers get rank the websites or the businesses on the top pages of Google search results. Just same as that, app developers must make use of App Store optimization techniques and strategies to get rank their apps on the top results. This optimization is known as app store SEO. There are some true algorithms for ranking available for SEO but unfortunately it is missed in case of app store optimization and can change regularly. If proper app store optimization of your apps could be done in the proper way, your app could be seen by number of people and receive more downloads.

Google play store vs apple app store

To improve the App Store Optimization to both Google Play and iOS App Store, follow these steps mentioned below:

Use of strong and relevant Title: 

A good title not only reveals what exactly your app does to the prospective users but also helps in improving the ranking of the app. The title should include main keyword that perfectly matches with your type of business.
Apple App Store provides you 255 characters for your title and Google Play store gives you only 30 characters. So in apple app store, you are able to write the unique, descriptive and keyword rich title that will surely help your app to rank high. In fact, it is possible to add the subtitle with a relevant keyword along with the title and help you to establish market share as well.
On the other hand, titles are handled a bit differently in the Google play store. Title should be concised due to less characters availability. So the keywords will be covered in the description part in case
of Google play store.

Keyword Research:

MobileDevHQ and The Tool are a couple of App Store Optimization tools that’ll help find the best App Store keywords for your app. Take a look on the top competitor App and choose out the best keywords that the people are searching out the most and place them in your list. App Store Optimization tool “Sensor Tower” will help you in evaluating the best keywords.

Describe Your App Well.

The page within the app store and the app description is the integral part of app store optimization strategies. The app Description should include the content as same like the website landing page. Your app description should provide the answers to below mentioned questions to the users:

What does your app do?
What problem does it solve?
How will it make the buyer’s life easier?
Why is it worth the price?

Intelligent Use of Keywords

Keywords are the important factor in ASO like in SEO. Like the app title usage, The handling of keywords get differs from google play store to iOS app store. Keywords are to be used very wisely in case of iOS app store as it gives only 100 characters limit for all the keywords whereas Google play store has no specific keyword field but provides you the app description searchable and have 4000 characters to work with.

Note: Keyword Stuffing will result in app penalized. So be careful not to overdo the use of keywords in the description.

Use High Quality Screenshots:

The look of your app store page matters a lot to decide whether to download the app or not. The decision of a user totally depend upon the appearance of your app page. The perfectly described app and high quality app store screenshots are the influential factors to convince someone to download it. The screenshots include the most engaging parts of your app and should be placed step wise. There are a number of tools available to help you create app screenshots that look great, such as Figma,  MockUPhone, and AppLaunchpad.

Pick the Right Category:

Picking up the correct category not only help the users who are probing app via category but it will help your app to rank high. If in case a condition arrives that your app is acceptable in more than one categories, then in such conditions, you have to choose the category with lowest competitions and lower number of estimated app worth. A wrong categorized app will lead your app to trouble and Apple provides the rejection stamp and in Google play, users can report violations for review. In both the cases, App can be penalized and de-rank.

Add an App Preview Video:

Half of the internet audience watch videos online over the smartphones instead of laptops and desktops. The noticeable part is that people used to view the video on auto play with muted audio. So video should contain the text overlays to explain the pertinent features of your app. iOS app store allows you to upload 30 seconds long video to showcase the benefit of your app.

Embolden Positive Reviews:

The great user experience creates a huge impact on app store optimization. If a user is happy to have your app in his smartphone and keep using it in daily routine, will surely provide the glowing review over the app store page.

Another methods to get the app store reviews:

Encourage users through word of mouth to leave positive review about your app.

Sending Push notification to encourage user to review your App. (with prior permission)

Pop up notification asking to leave the review about the app

Focus on Icon Design:

The app icon is the first visual impression and is a crucial part of app store optimization. It is same as judging a book by its cover but its true! So it is mandatory to choose the icon carefully. In fact more than one icon variants should be tested before launch. App icons should be engaging, eye-catchy and clearly depicts your app category and also should be unique from competitors.

Use App Store Analytics:

The performance of web page marketing is done with the help of Google Analytics. Same as that, there are number of app store analytics tools to analyse and measure the performance of mobile marketing strategy.

Some of the app store analytics tools are named:



Sensor Tower




These tools will provide you useful data related to your app with which you are able to improve ranking of your app and also show what wrong parameters that you are using and de-ranking your app.

Re-evaluate Regularly:

After some weeks, if your app is not ranking well, change out some parameters that impacts your app improvements. But change the parameters one at a time and wait for a week and then check if there’s any impact over the ranking and then change another. It will give you an idea about what initial problem is and you will not repeat the same mistake over again.

If you will follow these steps, you stand a good chance of improving the ASO of your app and standing out among the millions of apps on both of the major app stores.

Top Reasons to Choose Xamarin to Build Cross Platform Mobile Apps

As mobile app development has become the necessity for every enterprise. However, it is quite difficult to choose and decide the best mobile application development platform among native and cross-platform apps. So choosing the best is a challenging task.

According to various reports, It is seen that out of 100, 80 to 85 percent enterprises love to build applications supporting multiple platforms and latest mobile application development technologies.

Build Cross Platform Mobile Apps - Xamarin

Top major reasons to choose Xamarin to build cross platform mobile apps are:

Open Source Platform and Flexible to choose Components:

Components store in Xamarin is a great value adds that provides cross-platform libraries, UI controls and third party web services for developers. Xamarin provide liberty to use these components based on the requirements.

Short Development Timeline:

Xamarin app development provides comparatively simplified way of sharing code across multiple mobile application development platforms and hence takes lesser time to build best cross platform mobile development.

Standardized UI Controls:

Apps built with Xamarin provide an amended experience to the users. With these standardized UI controls, there is no need to add any extra plugins and is the best way to build cross platform mobile apps.

SDK Integrated:

It is quite easy to add new features by the Xamarin developer in cross platform mobile app development and the auto updates are reflected immediately on the Operating system.

Simpler and Faster Testing Process:

Normally the process of testing a cross platform apps is long and mind-numbing but the Xamarin TestCloud allows the applications to be automatically tested on the cloud that makes the testing process more simpler, more shorter and very faster and Xamarin developer can test the health of the app using Xamarin Insights.

Cost Effective:

Writing code once and use it on variant platforms makes the Xamarin Mobile App Development cost-effective. Xamarin make use of C# codebase to allow code sharing across multiple platforms and testing across various platforms you choose to develop for. As a result, single code base reduces costs for addition of new feature and support.

Native Performance:

An object oriented programming language – C# coding being done in Xamarin, allows you to connect with the diverse device features like microphones and camera that is the best pros of this cross platform.

Offline Availability:

Offline usability is one of the best features of an app that are needed in this highly competitive market for enhancing the user convenience and provides effective and better solution to every application. At the remote location where low internet connection prevails, the cloud feature for reliable data synchronization in Xamarin helps you to use application offline.